Are you paying too much in Real Estate Taxes?

Find out how you could get them reduced!

In this seminar–hosted by Lynn Garafola of Team Nest Builder–you will learn:

  • 4 different “values” for your home (and the differences between them)

  • What is a town wide “REVAL” (revaluation) and what impact will it have on the taxes you pay in the future

  • Common tax appeal misunderstandings

  • An overview of the process for appealing your tax assessment

  • Instructions on how to fill out the application and forms needed for your submission

  • Where you get the supporting documentation you need to present your case

  • Important deadlines to manage to

Special guest speaker:

Victoria Gill SCRREA

New Jersey Appraisal Expert 

When: Sunday February 23rd 10:00 am to noon

Where: The Law Offices of Marleen S. Horlacher

31 US Highway 206, Suite 3C

Augusta NJ 07822

You won’t want to miss this! Limited Seating. Reservations Required.

*Please bring your green or white tax card you recently received in the mail from your municipality.

Victoria Gill SCRREA
Lynn Garafola 4-13 Web copy
Lynn Garafola of Team Nest Builder

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